Chileflora is a project established in Central Chile in 2005, near the city of Talca, some 250 km south of the Chilean capital, Santiago. It takes full advantage of its location, because Chileflora is close both to the wet, lush southern forests and the dry northern Altiplano of Chile with its other-worldly landscapes reminiscent of Martian deserts, having thus access to the best and most varied selection of plants and seeds from all over Chile.

Although Chileflora was initiailly conceived as a business venture, among its non-commercial objectives is the promotion of the Chilean flora in the world, education about the values of Chilean plants, especially their medicinal and nutritional properties, protection of the local environment and especially protection of bio-diversity, both in-situ and ex-situ, and propagation of rare and endangered Chilean species.

Chileflora is located in the countryside, and on its 67 ha premises grows a native bush forest with over 200 species, with such interesting species as Quillaja saponaria, Peumus boldus, Aristotelia chilensis, Maytenus boaria, Kageneckia oblonga, Azara dentada, Schinus polygamus, Lithrea caustica, and many others: we have one species of Puya coerula, several species of Calceolarias, orchids, Anemonas, Baccharis, Myrceugenias, Tropaeolums, the very rare Miersia chilensis...