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Species:  Galium eriocarpum Bartl.
Family:  Rubiaceae Identification doubtful, we are going to check it in the near future. Certainty 80 %.   
Chilean Name: 
English Name: 
German Name: 
Russian Name: 
Record:  1098
About 22 Galium in Chile and 7 in our data base.
About 36 Rubiaceae in Chile and 16 in our data base.


1st Region:
Lat: 18° - 21°
Main Cities: Arica, Iquique.
2d Region:
Lat: 21° - 26°
Main Cities: Antofagasta, Calama.
3d Region:
Lat: 26° - 29°
Main Cities: Copiapó, Vallenar.
4th Region:
Lat: 29° - 32°
Main Cities: La Serena, Ovalle.
5th Region:
Lat: 32° - 33°
Main Cities: Valparaiso, Los Andes.
Metropolitan Region:
Lat: 33°- 34°
Main Cities: Santiago.
6th Region:
Lat: 34° - 35°
Main Cities: Rancagua.
7th Region:
Lat: 35° - 36°
Main Cities: Talca, Curicó.
8th Region:
Lat: 36° - 38°
Main Cities: Concepción, Chillan, Los Angeles.
9th Region:
Lat: 38° - 39°
Main Cities: Temuco, Villarrica, Pucón.
10th Region:
Lat: 39° - 44°
Main Cities: Valdivia, Osorno, Puerto Montt.
11th Region:
Lat: 44° - 49°
Main Cities: Coihaique.
12th Region:
Lat 49°- 55°
Main Cities: Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Puerto Williams.


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