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Dinemagonum gayanum
Good ornamental value (A)
Height: 1.1 m.
USDA Hardiness Zone 10 and 11. The plant does not tolerate freezing. Coastal fog/camanchaca: The plants obtain water mainly from condensation. Extremely dry areas with very rare rainfall. The dry season lasts 8 - 12 months and in some years it is possible to have no rainfall at all. Rainfall less than 100 mm/year. Fully exposed to the sun. Level areas or slopes facing north.
Shrub Yellow, 5 petals
Edible plant
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Seeds packet:

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One packet contains at least 30 seeds.

This beautiful shrub has rather strange-looking yellow flowers with the upper petal being bright red. This combination of yellow and red makes the flowers quite attractive. With good watering, the shrub will be covered completely by these flowers. At the end of the blooming season the seeds still continue with this yellow-red theme, because they are reddish and begin to appear while there are still plenty flowers on the shrub.
It is not a fast grower, and you can expect the first flowers to appear in about three years. Not very tolerant to extreme cold climates.