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Anemone multifida

Here you can see complete record with all information available about this species from our data base.
These seeds are generally restocked in: January

Seeds packet:

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One packet contains at least 40 seeds.

This anemone is quite common in the central-southern parts of Chile and when blooming, presents a beautiful show with numerous white flowers which transform themselves into cottony seeds. It generally grows on volcanic soils with very good drainage and little organic matter. Snow is not a problem, watering should be average.
The seeds of this plant require cold stratification because it grows in places with cold, snowy winters, where it may be burried by several meters of snow for up to 5 months. It would be a disaster for the young shoots to germinate just before the first snowfall. The strategy developped by the plant is to require the seeds to be humid for at least several weeks before the signal for germination is given. So do not forget to copy the natural process: