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Acacia dealbata
Good ornamental value (A)
Height: 20 m.
USDA Hardiness Zone 9.  The plant does not tolerate snow, but can tolerate occasional freezing spells of about - 5° C (the typical morning frost of central Chile). Somewhat dry areas where the drought may last 3 - 5 months. Precipitations of 400 - 800 mm. are concentrated in winter. Humid areas, with almost constant rainfall. Short dry periods are possible (generally not longer than 1 month). Fully exposed to the sun. Level areas or slopes facing north. Some shadow. Some protection against direct sunlight, some shadow from vegetation, filtering about 20 - 40 % of light.
Tree Yellow, without information on the number of petals
Edible plant Timber Weed
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This is an exotic plant, very invasive in central areas of Chile, but also very beautful due to its abundant golden flowers. In Chile entire areas turn gold in early spring when it begins to bloom.
It was used as a source of yellow dye from flowers and for soil stabilization due to its extreme capacity to grow almost anywhere. This tenacity is also its limitation, because it can easily become a weed. The cooked flowers can be used a source of food, and the trunk produces an edible gum. The bark has a high tannin content