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Aristotelia chilensis
Some ornamental value (B)
Height: 5 m.
USDA Hardiness Zone 9.  The plant does not tolerate snow, but can tolerate occasional freezing spells of about - 5° C (the typical morning frost of central Chile). Somewhat dry areas where the drought may last 3 - 5 months. Precipitations of 400 - 800 mm. are concentrated in winter. Humid areas, with almost constant rainfall. Short dry periods are possible (generally not longer than 1 month). Fully exposed to the sun. Level areas or slopes facing north. Some shadow. Some protection against direct sunlight, some shadow from vegetation, filtering about 20 - 40 % of light.
Tree White, without information on the number of petals
Medicinal Edible plant
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One packet contains at least 40 seeds.

This is a medicinal and edible plant which is very common in many parts of Chile. The seeds were used for brewing wine and chicha, a Chilean alcoholic bevearage, or can be eaten raw, and the leaves were used to prepare an infusion for treating sore throat and for wound dressing. It germinates and grows very easily and fast, is not very demanding about the soil, but prefers rather rich soils with lots of humidity, is somewhat hardy (frost and short snowcover are OK).