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Austrocedrus chilensis

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This is a very beautiful and endangered Chilean tree species.
The germination of this species is not very complicated, but the cold stratification is an absolute must. Remember that you can avoid it by planting the seeds in autumn and exposing them to natural cold stratification. If you decide to do it "scientifically," soak the seeds for two days in water, then put them into wet sand and put them into refrigerator at about +2 +5? C for at least 30 days, and up to 90 days. Allow the seeds to breathe (ventilate from time to time) and check the humidity of the sand (it tends to dry out quickly, so adding moisture every three-four days is a must). To obtain better results you can add GA (about 300-500 PPM) and washing the seeds several times may also contribute to a better germination (the washing process eliminates germination inhibitors). Use substrates with good drainage and slighly acid substrates. Once it has been established, it is a very hardy plant which can withstand freezing, snow, dry spells. It is not a fast grower. It is ideally suited for bonsai.