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Coriaria ruscifolia
Good ornamental value (A)
Height: 2 m.
USDA Hardiness Zone 9.  The plant does not tolerate snow, but can tolerate occasional freezing spells of about - 5° C (the typical morning frost of central Chile). Humid areas, with almost constant rainfall. Short dry periods are possible (generally not longer than 1 month). The plant grows in water or it has its roots within a permanent water course. This corresponds to marshes, bogs, water courses, lake and river shores. Some shadow. Some protection against direct sunlight, some shadow from vegetation, filtering about 20 - 40 % of light. In shadow. Steep slopes facing south or a vegetation cover which filters 40 - 80 % of light.
Shrub Blue, 5 petals
Medicinal POISONOUS Plant Industrial Use
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One packet contains at least 50 seeds.

It is a real gem for a garden, it has long branches covered with beautiful, shiny string of leaves.
This plant need a cool, damp environment, and is not especially cold-hardy. Cold stratification increases considerably the germination rate.
This plant contains alcaloides coriamirtina y tutina, which makes it both toxic and narcotic. If you think about trying it out, think twice, because in Chile the seeds were traditionally used as a rat poison. All parts except for the fleshy fruit (which are really modified petals of the flower) are poisonous, and it is said that the fleshy part of the fruit can be used to prepare juice or wine. We do not recommend it because of the risks involved.