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If you are new to this page... is your window to the world of the native Chilean plants. It provides you with the opportunity to learn about the Chilean plants, their nutritional and medicinal properties, identify them, and to purchase seeds and seedlings. All that you can get also en Español und auf deutsch.

Here you will find a short introduction to the Chilean flora. Additionally, we present several galleries of images of the Chilean nature, in the belief that in order to understand fully the world of the Chilean plants you have to get a feeling for the environment in which they live. In the same section you will soon find descriptions of the different habitats in Chile. Finally, in the links section you will find not only links to interesting sites which deal with Chilean flora, but also a bibliography, which we will be constantly expanding.

The heart of our page is a database and on-line herbarium of live plants with the descriptions, uses, growing tips, and photos of many native Chilean plants - currently we present more than  1400 species with over 14000 photos, and soon we will make available much more from our internal data base with over 24000 photos and 2000 species! This is a long-term project and we hope eventually to cover most species of the Chilean flora (about 5000 species). You can browse directly our database by means of indexes here. Plus, we sell 440 species of seeds and seedlings of Chilean native plants.

New Contributions

New articles about the flora from northern Chile:

The Blooming Desert that did not Bloom

Paposo Valley 

Short Botanical Notes

How to obtain automatically the GPS coordinates for photos


The On-line Shop is finally Up!

Now you can automatically purchase seeds from 440 Chilean Species here.


It is out already...


... The New Interrim Edition of 2008:

Interactive Encyclopedia and on-line Herbarium of live plants

The number of plants presented increased to about  1400 Chilean species! 900 identified species plus  500 species in process of identification, with more than 14000 photos. With this we have covered about  30% of all of the Chilean flora. We are still working on some details and errors, and we will have the final version up and running around April.

Check it out here.

Who we are, why and how we are doing it...

The Team of

Our Philosophy of the Andes...

The Tools We Use and some Off-road fun...

We are looking for strategic partners... is 100 % private project and it is not financed by any entity, Chilean or foreign.

We are looking for strategic partners who may help us with our work and make the dream of a complete on-line virtual herbarium come true and develop other projects related to Chilean flora, both in the realm of publication/web and more down-to-earth projects (in the very concrete sense): formation of a botanical garden.

Therefore we are looking for entities who may be interested in developing projects of this nature together or sponsors who may provide financing for these projects...



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