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Tristerix corymbosus
No ornamental value (C)
Height: 50 cm.
USDA Hardiness Zone 8. The plant tolerates low temperatures (-8° C), can tolerate occasional snow cover for up to a couple of weeks per year. Humid areas, with almost constant rainfall. Short dry periods are possible (generally not longer than 1 month). In shadow. Steep slopes facing south or a vegetation cover which filters 40 - 80 % of light.
Shrub Red, 4 petals Red, without information on the number of petals
Medicinal Weed
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Seeds packet:

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One packet contains at least 16 seeds.

The species is recalcitrant, so only fresh fruits (not dried seeds) should be used for germinating. Being a hemiparasite, after germination it will need a host. In Chile this is usually Nothfagus species, but it is not as selective as other members of its genus.