Interactive Query

A new functionality was added to our system. Now you can formulate queries to obtain lists of species. This feature can be used for identifying plants (you enter the characteristics which you know, and the system will give you a list of all species which comply with them, and then you would only have to browse through the list to visually confirm the identification).

The other use of this feature is that it allows you to generate lists of species which have some special characteristics. For instance, you want to know which plants live in Mediterranean climate in Chile... Then select the regions 4 through 8 (outside this range the rainfall does not correspond to Mediterranean climate) and altitudes: coastal, coastal mountains, low elevation, medium elevation (higher elevation have a colder climate), and you got the corresponding list of species...

The query formulator is quite versatile, as it allows to both include and exclude certain features within a given variable group, it allows numerical values for some variables (like height of the plant), it allows partial text searches within Latin Name, Family Name, Spanish Name, English Name, and it has several logical operators to be applied between the variable groups, like "AND," "OR," "NOT." This means that you can formulate flexible queries.

The graphic interface makes the formulation of the query rather easy and intuitive, and for simple queries one would not have to change any of default settings (logical operators between blocks, for instance).

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